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Land Grants to Individuals

General Documents

"Indian Deeds of Real Estate." Vol. 10, (1888): 129-130.

Describes the totemic symbols that Indians often used when signing such documents, the nature of the land deed (narrow strips), and the collaboration of the US and Canadian governments.

Primary Documents

Williams, J. "Deed of Gift." 1780. Vol. 12, (1888): 623-626.

Two documents by which lands are given to James Abbott of Detroit by Potawatomi and Ojibwe Indians.

"An Indian Deed." September 22, 1780. Vol. 5, (1884): 551-552.

A complete copy of a deed of land from the "Ochipwe nations of Indians at Detroit" to William Tucker. Ten Ojibwe chiefs signed the treaty, each with his own pictograph.

G. Bird to Captain Matthews. October 15, 1783. Vol. 20, (1892): 191-192.
"Indian Deed to Jacob Schieffelin." October 13, 1783. Vol. 20, (1892): 193-195.
Frederick Haldimand to John Johnson. November 15, 1783. Vol. 20, (1892): 199-200.
Alexander McKee to Johnson. November 1783. Vol. 20, (1892): 203.
Haldimand to Jehu Hay. August 14, 1784. Vol. 20, (1892): 246-247.


"Release - Chippewa Chiefs to James May and Others." 1797. Vol. 8, (1886): 498-499.

Complete text of a deed of land sale between six chiefs and various settlers.

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