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Treaties with the British

Bruce, T. "Deed of the Indians." August 1768. Vol. 10, (1888): 235-236.

Agreement between the Odawa and Ojibwe nations and the British government over the possession of Hogg Island. Includes examples of elaborate Indian signing totems or pictographs.

"Indian Deed for the Island of Mackinac." May 12, 1781. Vol. 10, (1886): 633-634.

Ojibwes give Mackinac to the British for £5000. Includes pictographs of five chiefs.

Lord Dorchester to Lord Sydney. 1785. Vol. 12, (1888): 9-10.

Summarizes the boundaries agreed to in the treaty of Fort McIntosh in 1785. He also relates the anger of and the threat posed by those Indians who did not sign the treaty.

"The Merchants of Montreal Concerned in the Michilimackinac Trade." July 1787. Vol. 23, (1893): 605-607.

Pertaining to a peace treaty between the British and the Odawa, Sioux, and Pecants. Includes the text of the treaty.

J. G. Simcoe to Henry Dundas. July 3, 1794. Vol. 24, (1894): 674-678.

Explains the controversy over boundaries set up between the Indians and the US in the Treaty of Paris. He says that the US are violating it, but that British newspaper opinion holds the British government to be responsible.

Alexander McKee to Joseph Chew. October 24, 1795. Vol. 25, (1894): 104.

Letter concerning the purchase of twelve square miles of land near Chenail Ecarte above Lake St. Clair on the Canadian side from the Ojibwe. Includes a copy of the treaty with pictographs of various chiefs.