What are your hours?
Please click here to check our hours. During our hours of operation, you can pick up materials that you ordered through us (ILLiad and Melcat) at our service desk. We are located on second floor, Park Library, room 212. After these hours, books may be picked up at the Park Library second floor Book Checkout desk.

Who should I contact if I have a problem or question?
Contact staff members in the Documents on Demand Office during our hours of operation. During other hours, Reference Desk staff will be able to assist with some questions and problems. If they are unable to be of assistance, they will advise you to contact the Documents on Demand Office during normal business hours. Please see the following contact information:

Documents on Demand
Central Michigan University
212 Park Library
Mt. Pleasant, MI. 48859
Phone: 989-774-3022 or (800) 274-3838
Fax: 989-774-4499 or (877) 329-6257

Contact a Staff Member

How do I request materials?
First check CMU's collection for the items that you need. You can try
Smart Search, the Libraries’ catalog, Centra, or the Libraries’ databases.

If CMU does not own what you are looking for, or you need a scan of an article or book chapter that we own, please make a request with your ILLiad Request Account.

What materials are available?
We can obtain most:

  • books (except textbooks)
  • copies of journal or newspaper articles
  • newspapers in microfilm format
  • dissertations and theses
  • non-print material (cassettes, DVDs, etc.)

Are there any limitations on what can be requested?
Please note: It is not the intent of Documents on Demand's interlibrary loan service to borrow textbooks or course required books in lieu of purchase.

Please do not order textbooks because:

  • Few university libraries purchase required textbooks, making these types of materials difficult to obtain.
  • Loan periods for borrowed textbooks are too short, generally around three weeks. These loan periods are set by the lending library, not CMU Libraries.
  • Failure to return items can result in charges for at minimum the full replacement cost of the item, plus a processing fee. Some libraries charge more than the full replacement cost. These fees are set by the lending library, not CMU Libraries.

Recently published books and books more than 80 years old may be difficult to obtain. We generally cannot obtain genealogical materials and reference materials (dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, etc.). Conference proceedings and association publications may be difficult to obtain.

Where will my material come from?
If you request material not in the CMU Libraries' collection, the sources from which your material is requested are selected on the basis of several factors, including your time frame, the type of material being requested, the speed of response, and the accuracy of the citation. We determine which source is the best for each request.

What information do I need to make a request?
It is important that you complete as many areas as possible on the order forms. Empty spaces in the request form may cause a delay in the processing of your order.

When will my material arrive?
We select sources that will respond to our requests in the shortest period of time. Depending on a combination of factors including your time frame and the kind of material you are requesting, your material may arrive in the Documents on Demand Office in as little as 48 hours or in a few weeks. Most orders are filled within two weeks. Once the request has gone out of our office, the supplier of the material determines how quickly it will get here. The supplier also sets the loan period and may set special conditions on the use of the material.

How will I know when my material has arrived?
We send you a notification via your CMU e-mail.

How long can I use the material?
The supplier sets the conditions for the use of the material.

Are there any charges for this service?
There will be no charges to you for obtaining materials for this service. However, if you keep material past the return date, an overdue fee of $5.00 is charged. If an item is lost, the cost of the item or the lending library's replacement charge and a $15.00 processing fee is charged to you.

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