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About the Permanent Art

Art Collection Mission Statement

Richard Kline Art Picture

Richard Kline, Earth, Air, Fire, Water,
mixed media hologram, 21" x 29" x 3"

The Park Library is primarily intended to serve as a center for information services in support of the academic mission of Central Michigan University. However, it also provides opportunity for the allied purpose of enhancing the campus cultural environment for students, faculty, and staff, as well as community library users, by serving as a setting for works of art. It is, therefore, a goal of the Libraries to present artworks that will stimulate thought, creativity, and appreciation and be a source of inspiration for the campus and the surrounding community. Such artworks may be part of the Libraries' own collection, part of organized exhibits, or on loan as individual works.

The art purchased for the Collection may be in a variety of formats such as, but not limited to, ceramics, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, textiles, sculpture, and electronic creations. There is no single theme to the Collection. The Collection represents the variety of approaches, from serious to whimsical, manifest in artistic creations and contributes to the artistic and educational mission of the University.