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About the Third Floor Exhibition Area

Third Floor Exhibition Area Mission Statement

Third Floor Exhibits  

The 3rd Floor Exhibit Area features exhibits which provide visual and cultural enrichment for the benefit of library users and the university community. Exhibits in this area may display art, present historical and cultural subjects, or highlight topics related to academic disciplines. Traveling shows may be featured and exhibits fostering collaboration with academic colleges and departments are encouraged.

Exhibits in the 3rd Floor Exhibit Area may be documentary in nature, but may not present overtly partisan commentary or advocate or promote overtly partisan views of a group or individual on historical, political, social, or religious issues. Exhibits intended primarily to publicize university programs will also not be accepted.

The Libraries’ Art and Exhibits Committee will decide whether a proposed exhibit is in accordance with this mission.

This venue provides 80 linear feet of display surface with an 8 foot wall height and accomodates exhibits up to approximately 4 feet in depth.