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Past Exhibitions

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Charles McGee's Noah's Neon 1 - THE GLOW RETURNS

Monday, April 30, 2018

            1-3PM - Baber Room – CMU Libraries


CMU Libraries welcomes vintage neon specialists Josh & Becky Averill from "The Bends Glassworks," and Tom Dymora, as they complete refurbishing of one of CMU's most important artworks. Noah's Neon 1, was created in 1995 by acclaimed Detroit artist Charles McGee, who also was commissioned to create Gateway (Centennial Sculpture), which has been exhibited in the Rose Arena pond for nearly 20 years.

These events are free and open to the public. We encourage you to join us to watch as this rare piece of historical neon returns to its original splendor!

Learn about Charles McGee:


Justin Kellner & Jane Kramer

April 4 - May 23, 2018

Baber Room - CMU Libraries


As we celebrate the tenets of Earth Day, 

the art of Justin Kellner and Jane Kramer reveals the beauty, 

while honoring concerns about the preservation and protection

 of our natural world. 

The exhibition title refers to a term which describes a group of species:
Special Concern: While not afforded legal protection under the Act, many of these species are of concern because of declining or relict populations in the state. Should these species continue to decline, they would be recommended for Threatened or Endangered status. Protection of Special Concern species now, before they reach dangerously low population levels, would prevent the need to list them in the future by maintaining adequate numbers of self-sustaining populations within Michigan. Some other potentially rare species are listed as of Special Concern pending more precise information on their status in the state; when such information becomes available, they could be moved to Threatened or Endangered status or deleted from the list. —Michigan Department of Natural Resources

jane_kramer_self.jpgJane Kramer is a fine art photographer in East Lansing, Michigan. She has a degree in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota and photography training from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana.

Jane's projects are created with a conceptual approach and are motivated by a story, message, or education element. They require extended periods of time and focus on subjects that are delicate, overlooked, discarded, forgotten or underappreciated.

In 2013 she received a Chris Clark Fellowship from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and was chosen as one of four Michigan artists to participate in the Art from the Lakes program - a cultural exchange program between Shiga, Japan and Michigan. This was the inspiration for Foreshadowing – Endangered & Threatened Species, which she is presenting at the CMU Park Library Baber Room.   For this project, Jane photographed the shadows of endangered plant species and transferred the images onto paper she makes from invasive plant species. 

compass plant.jpgcompass plant_title card.jpg

"…the paper is made from an invasive plant, the shadow is an endangered plant, and I'm… just trying to get these two together in a print, it kind of mimics that relationship in nature, … how they're kind of battling it out."—Jane Kramer

MPR Environmental Report

kellner.pngJustin Kellner earned the Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Kendall College of Art and Design. He earned the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting/Drawing from Central Michigan University.  He also earned the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Central Michigan University.

Artist Statement:

"While utilizing the landscape's natural forms and textures, I draw upon these visual cues from past encounters to achieve a balance between realism and abstraction. My intent is to evoke memories and the sense of a place and time while portraying the interrupted cycles existing throughout the natural world's various ecosystems."

Tree Tops_Prairie Warbler.jpg


Art of the Clarke
March 14 – March 29, 2018

For just two weeks, the Baber Room is featuring some of the seldom-exhibited prints, paintings, maps and photographs from the Clarke Historical Library's collection. The artworks include Great Lakes vessels, industry and lighthouses, as well an 1884 birdseye view of Mt. Pleasant. 


(above) Parke Davis & Co. on the Detroit River - painting

Llight House -Waugoshance_lr.jpgRoger Blough2lr.jpg

(above) Waugoshance light house- John L. Wagner - photograph

(above right) Roger Blough - J. Clay- print


January 11- March 12, 2018
Park Library Baber Room


I find enthusiasm through uplifting positive color-fields.  In the images, the colors often transition one hue to the next, no beginning or end….like breath into air.  Principle to the images is the illusion of impossible infinite organic atmospheres, often structured with hard edges (implying architectural structure).   The geometric motifs provide compositional structure, to anchor the otherwise limitless atmospheres.   In nature, atmosphere and geometry are opposites. In the paintings, they are merged in an interrelationship in which neither atmosphere nor geometry wins the battle for dominance.  

- B. B. Winslow

037dpilr.jpgB.B. Winslow, All,  2008.jpg
2018-014-004-lr_B.B. Winslow art exhibit opening ml.jpg2018-014-005-lr_B.B. Winslow art exhibit opening ml.jpg

Susan Moran

Textiles and Nature: Nature of Textiles
September 5 - October 27, 2017
Fiber Art


Contemporary Photographers
Antiquarian Processes
June 28 - August 30, 2017

Curator Presentation
Seeing Beyond Process
Rebecca Zeiss
July 13, 2017     6-8pm
Park Library Auditorium

The photography exhibit TRACE, curated by Rebecca Zeiss, is a collection of imagery conceived by twelve contemporary photography artists from the United States, Canada, and Germany. All of these artists use the antiquarian process from the 1800s of Wet Plate Collodion as their medium and bring their personal vision to the work via large format cameras or cameraless. The exhibit will be on display from June 28th to August 30th in the Park Library's Baber Room, with a curatorial presentation Seeing Beyond Process on July 13th from 6-8pm in the Park Library auditorium, followed by a reception in the Baber Room.


The artists:

• Juan Fernandez

• Andrew Moxom

• Frank Hamrick

• Heather Gardner

• Glenn Brewer

• Jennifer Crane

• Alicia Music Shaver

• Bill Schwab

• S. Gayle Stevens

• Silke & Daniel Seybold

CMU Department of Art & Design

Primary Visions

March 17 – 29, 2017

Extended Hours Study & Student Gallery

2017 poster lr.jpg

Primary Visions represents student work produced in CMU's Department of Art and Design Foundations Program. Varieties of materials, techniques, and research strategies introduced in the entry level courses; Introduction to Drawing, Design Foundations, Digital Design, Contemporary Issues in Art provide a solid foundation for developing the seeing eye and the skillful hand for visual expression.

"What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets"
Photographs by Peter Menzel, essays by Faith D'Aluisio
February 1 - March 14, 2017 
from the CMU Art Collection

Extended Hours Study & Student Gallery


From the publication: "What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets, this is an exhibition of portraits and essays about individuals and the food that fuels them over the course of a single day. With camera and notebook in hand, Peter and his wife Faith D'Aluisio traveled to 30 countries and more than a dozen U.S. states to shop, cook, and eat with a strikingly diverse range of people.

Six of these portraits and essays are held in CMU's Art Collection and are currently on display in the Extended Hours Study and Student Gallery.

From the book: What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets

Copyright:© Peter Menzel 

Play Matters - Play by the Rules

A National Print Portfolio Exhibition

January 9  - February 26, 2017

Baber Room

Portfolio Organizer: Johanna Paas, Professor of Art, CMU

Play Matters postcard2.jpg

Invited artists were asked to create an image based on rules developed by a different participant. Abiding by the rules given to them, the participant (image maker) created an edition of hand pulled prints for the exhibition and exchange.

The exhibition includes a wide range of responses to this prompt; it highlights collaboration, experimentation, inventiveness and the opportunity to play by the rules.

Tatsuki Hakoyama

Searching for the Middle Path

September 6 – October 27, 2016

Baber Room

Inspired by surrealists and magical realist painters, my body of work, Searching for the Middle Path, explores the ideas of balance with regards to cultural perception and identity. Utilizing juxtaposed cultural symbols taken from countries in which I have lived, my work reflects on how the shift from traditional to contemporary lifestyles has influenced our values. This body of work takes into account the opposing views of traditional vs. contemporary approaches, and attempt to find equilibrium, a state of co- existence.​


2016-426-22 lr sj.jpg2016-426-26 lr sj.jpg

W. R. Horning

Color, Texture & Design

June 29 - August 29, 2016​​

Baber Room


Retired art educator and CMU and Parsons School of Design alum, Bill Horning thinks of himself as a landscape painter. My landscapes are investigations of the properties of simple geometric shapes and the exploration of textures….I would like the viewer to see my landscapes as catching a moment of stillness between tension and action. ​​


COMPLEX IDENTITY featured paintings and sculpture by Grand Rapids Artist Michael Pfleghaar. Pfleghaar’s expressive and exaggerated style interprets inanimate objects into conscious entities by giving them human characteristics in their movement, shape, and posture. Pfleghaar creates dynamic “visual conversations” among the elements in his work which give the compositions a human essence and worldly energy. His sculpture takes on the same personality as his two-dimensional work through his continued use of color, curves and exaggeration. For more information about Michael Pfleghaar and his work you can visit his website at

Postcard from Michael Pfleghaar Exhibition Gallery photo from Michael Pfleghaar Exhibition Gallery photo from Michael Pfleghaar Exhibition Gallery photo from Michael Pfleghaar Exhibition Gallery photo from Michael Pfleghaar Exhibition Gallery photo of Michael Pfleghaar Gallery photo from Michael Pfleghaar Exhibition Brochure Cover Art from Michael Pfleghaar Exhibition

Remnants: Symbol and Form featured paintings and drawings by West Michigan Artist Art Martin. Martin’s work balances familiar and overlooked objects between highly rendered illusion and flat two-dimensional patterns and forms. The resulting pieces explore the abstract form and symbolic content of the objects, translating them into moments of contemplation, disquiet and transition.

Postcard from Art Martin Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Martin Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Martin Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Martin Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Martin Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Marting Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Martin Exhibition Brochure Cover Art from Art Martin Exhibition

Sari Khoury: Selected Works featured paintings and drawings by the late Sari Khoury, former Central Michigan University Professor of Art, and Department Chair. Sari Khoury’s work embodies qualities of abstract expressionism through is use of line form and color. For more information on Sari Khoury and his work please visit

Postcard from Art Martin Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Marting Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Marting Exhibition Gallery photo from Art Marting Exhibition Brochure Cover Art from Art Martin Exhibition