Baber Room Exhibitions

Collaborative Spirits

Al Wildey, Steve Barber & Mike Volker

Jan. 14  - Feb. 28, 2016​

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CMU faculty members from the CMU Department of Art & Design 

present this collaborative effort. 

The collaborative process allows for creativity beyond that possible by an individual, past the limitations of our singular knowledge, memory and experience. Collaboration offers a chance to create a project that must utilize everyone's strength 

to create work that is risky, spirited and, often, unexpected.

Fiber Arts Network of Michigan


Mar. 2 - May 1, 2016

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W. R. Horning

July - August 2016​​

Retired art educator and CMU and Parsons School of Design alum, Bill Horning thinks of himself as a landscape painter. My landscapes are investigations of the properties of simple geometric shapes and the exploration of textures….I would like the viewer to see my landscapes as catching a moment of stillness between tension and action. ​​



Tatsuki Hakoyama

September – October 2016

Searching for the Middle Path

Inspired by surrealists and magical realist painters, my body of work, Searching for the Middle Path, explores the ideas of balance with regards to cultural perception and identity. Utilizing juxtaposed cultural symbols taken from countries in which I have lived, my work reflects on how the shift from traditional to contemporary lifestyles has influenced our values. This body of work takes into account the opposing views of traditional vs. contemporary approaches, and attempt to find equilibrium, a state of co- existence.​

All exhibits are free and open to the public
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