Baber Room Exhibitions



Corby Blem

March 16 - April 10,  2015

The artist's paintings feature characters looking forward to the Next Big Thing:  

The 21st Century.   But now that we are here, what have we got?

What is it we now hope for?​


art wall low res.jpg 

Donna - co-low res.jpgCorby - Aimee low res.jpg

full house - low res.jpgBlem's work is nostalgic, 

a tad melancholy and mostly ironic 

when viewed through the lenses of 21st century reto-vintage frames.

The Timeless Beauty of Michigan

Rex F. Tower

Plein air painter

April 15 - June 19, 2015

Exhibit opening and Reception
April 15, 4-6pm Baber Room

This Michigan artist paints both in studio and as a plein air painter. 
He works to show the beauty of the world, using light as his focal point. ​
painting: October Light
October Light 24x30.JPG

Cozette Phillips

July & Aug, 2015


This sculptor endeavors to raise ecological consciousness by capturing 

the mark of existence in something that is fleeting. She interprets natural forms 

by combining materials such as metals and concrete 

to evoke the influence of industry and development.​

Michigan Water Color Society

Traveling exhibit

September 17  through October 15, 2015


A selection of some of the best works of The Michigan Water Color Society

with an emphasis on self-discovery and personal content, rather than technique alone. ​

Kathy Jones

October 16 - December 2015

Jones considers herself a colorist. 

"The focus of my painting is the relationship of color and energy.  

Color is the universal language." ​

All exhibits are free and open to the public
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