Baber Room Exhibitions

Michigan Water Color Society

Traveling exhibit

Sept. 17  - Oct. 15, 2015

Opening Reception: Sept. 17, 2:30-4:30pm




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A selection of some of the best works of The Michigan Water Color Society

with an emphasis on self-discovery and personal content, rather than technique alone. ​

Each year, the Michigan Water Color Society creates a show featuring 90 pieces of their member’s best works. To reach a larger audience, the show is divided into three separate exhibits which travel around Michigan. CMU is fortunate to be a venue for one of those exhibits.

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Kathy Jones

Oct. 16 - Dec. 2015


Jones considers herself a colorist. 

"The focus of my painting is the relationship of color and energy.  

Color is the universal language." ​

Collaborative Spirits

Al Wildey, Steve Barber & Mike Volker

Jan. 14  - Feb. 28, 2016

Exhibit Opening & Roundtable Reception

Thursday, Jan. 14, 6-8pm

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CMU faculty members from the CMU Department of Art & Design 

present this collaborative effort. 

The collaborative process allows for creativity beyond that possible by an individual, past the limitations of our singular knowledge, memory and experience. Collaboration offers a chance to create a project that must utilize everyone's strength 

to create work that is risky, spirited and, often, unexpected.

Fiber Arts Network of Michigan


Mar. 2 - May 1, 2016

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All exhibits are free and open to the public
Questions? Contact Janet Danek 
University Libraries Exhibit Coordinator