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Baber Room

Description: auditoriumimage.jpg
The Baber Room is a spectacular art exhibit room located in the Park Library.  The artwork which hangs on its walls is from artists near and far.  Some are local to Mount Pleasant, while others come from around the world.  This room serves as a relaxing atmosphere for patrons.  You will find patrons sitting in the comfortable leather chairs reading peacefully throughout the day. Use of this room for events is restricted to high level receptions and functions. To reserve the Baber Room for your next event please fill out the reservation form.

If you have any questions as to whether or not your event qualifies please contact the Facilities Specialist at 989-774-1030 or mcart2jm​​
Room Policies:
  • Use of the Baber Room must be in accordance with CMU Libraries' General Reservation Information, Polices, and Procedures.

  • The Baber Room is reservable for HIGH LEVEL receptions and functions. 
    • Examples of suitable events include: art exhibitions and openings, poetry and reading events for groups of 50 or less, Clarke Historical Library receptions, Senior Officer receptions, donor receptions, high- level college receptions, and receptions following speaker events in the Sarah and Daniel Opperman Auditorium.
    • Examples of prohibited events include: student-only events, non-library dining events, non-library lectures or presentations, events requiring audio-visual resources.
  • Approval of Baber Room requests is dependent upon other events in the building and staffing on the date requested.
  • Food and beverages are permitted in the Baber Room
    • Arrangements to serve food and beverages are to be made directly with Classic Fare Catering at (989) 774-7480. The library must approve food and beverage requests before the event.
    • All food and beverages must be removed from the room when the event has ended.

Room Features:

R​OOM #109

Capacity:  80-150 maximum, depending on set up.

Recommended use:  Limited, for high level events
and receptions.


  • Maple wood floor
  • On-going art exhibits displayed​
  • Portable coat rack available upon request
  • 8' x 10' sign to right of north entrance
  • Full kitchen nearby
  • 2 network connections on wall
  • 1 wireless microphone
  • CD player