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September 2016 

Clarke Historical Library Speaker Series - ​Fall 2016

​​​Unless otherwise noted, all events, which are free and open to the public, begin at 7:00 pm in the ​Park Library Auditoriu​m and will be followed by a reception in the Clarke.

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poetryproject_website.pngWednesday, ​​September 28
Naomi Long Madgett, ​Herbert Woodward Martin, and Toi Derricotte 

Poets Naomi Long Madgett, Herbert Woodward Martin, and Toi Derricotte will speak in the Park Library Auditorium. Madgett is the poet-laureate of Detroit, while Derricotte has deep roots in Detroit and published her first volume of poetry in that city. This presentation is co-sponsored by CMU Public Broadcasting.

Tuesday, October 4
William Anderson​ 
Noted author and Laura Ingalls Wilder expert William Anderson will speak about the life and writing of the author of the Little House on the Prairie series. This presentation is made possible by the David M. and Eunice Sutherland Burgess Endowment.

hoaximage_website.jpgTuesday, ​​October 18
Thom Bell ​ 
Thom Bell will air his documentary, “Hoax or History: The Michigan Relics.” Over 100 years ago, several thousand ancient looking clay, slate, and copper tablets were discovered in mounds located throughout rural Michigan. These tablets were inscribed with a mixture of writing styles: Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek, and cuneiform symbols. Controversy over the authenticity of the Michigan Relics continues to this day. This presentation is made possible by the John and Audrey Cumming Endowment.

Stamps 015 (450x321).jpg
Wednesday, ​​October 19
Dr. Richard Stamps
Dr. Richard Stamps, a retired archaeologist from Oakland University, will discuss his research into the relics authenticity. This presentation is also made possible by the Cummings Endowment.

​Individuals in need  of an accommodation should contact the Library at or by phone at 989-774-1100.​​​​​