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As the commencement ceremonies for the Class of ’64 drew near, the soon to be graduates offered the Clarke Historical Library an exciting challenge and an amazing gift: funds to begin a presidential campaign biography collection, so that the election of 1964 could be compared to past and future presidential elections.

The collection now goes back to the election of 1820 and allows patrons to study the history of the most important election in the world, the candidates, and the issues. As the 2016 presidential campaign ramps up, the library staff has begun to look for the first tell-tale sign of presidential ambitions, the candidate’s “thoughtful” book, that lays out the intellectual and social framework by which he or she would govern and documents many of the current issues facing our country today.

Gifts to the Class of 1964, Presidential Campaign Biography Collection are appreciated and may be made through a tax deductible contribution to the Clarke Historical Library. Please specify that the contribution is for the Class of 1964, Presidential Campaign Biography Collection.

Though our efforts to grow the collection continue, the financial gift from the Class of ’64 which began the collection was long ago exhausted. To sustain the growth of this valuable collection, we‘d like your support in establishing an endowment at the Clarke Historical Library to perpetuate this fascinating collection that over the years has become an incredible asset to Central Michigan University.

To make that possible we need to raise a minimum of $10,000, the spendable interest from which will fund additional acquisitions for the collection into the future. The endowment would be named in honor of the Class of ’64 and would forever signify the Class’ wish to capture our country’s history through a collection of presidential campaign biographies. 

Make a donation online now!​
Please reference code: CHL15

Gifts may also be mailed to:
Park Library 407B
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

For more information about the endowment or to discuss a 
possible donation of material please contact:
Central Michigan University Libraries
(989) 774-3500