President George E. Ross
Central Michigan University
"By offering a remarkable facility for study, discovery, and collaboration, and by providing scholarly resources and assistance to CMU students and faculty on campus and across the globe, the Libraries are at the core of the academic endeavor. As the heart of learning at CMU, the role of the Libraries in the success of our university 

is immense. " 

- President George E. Ross

Kathy Stewart
CMU Global Campus Alum, Grand Blanc, MI
Received her B.S. in ’90 and her M.A. in ’94.
Retired from General Motors as a Purchasing Team Leader 

"I was 31 years old, working full time as a supervisor in a GM factory when I decided to go back to school and finish my bachelor's degree.  I wanted more, and I knew finishing my education would open up those opportunities for me. 

It wasn't easy going back to school especially as an 
off-campus student.  My saving grace was the CMU Libraries.  They didn't just send me books, they helped me determine the appropriate reading materials I needed no matter what the subject or assignment.  
With their assistance, I was able to achieve a BS degree in '​90 and a MSA degree in '94.  I will be forever grateful to the CMU Libraries and their staff for all their help.  

Even though I missed out on experiencing daily campus life, it is the library I remember as such a big part of my college experience. That's why I give annually to the CMU L​ibraries and have chosen to bequeath them a financial gift in my estate plan." 

- Kathy Stewart,  ​B.S. ’90 & M.A. ’94

Amberly Dziesinski
 CMU Graduate, Alpena, MI

"I owe much of my academic success at CMU to the Libraries. The Park Library offered me resources to foster my spirit of inquiry, and opportunities to build my creativity and discover new ideas that will shape 
my future."

- Amberly Dziesinski '14

Kamaria Taylor
Graduate Student, Three Rivers, MI
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Donijo Robbins De Jonge, '94
Professor with the School of Public, Nonprofit, & Health Administration at
Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Donijo Robbins De Jonge 
"During my freshman year at Central, I took a one-credit course about the library; I did so because I needed that extra one-credit to get me to 16 credits for the semester, because the class was an elective toward my degree, and because I figured the class would be an "easy A" – how difficult could navigating a library be? This course turned out to be one of the best investments—it prepared me for my career. Today, I am a professor at Grand Valley State University and I owe much of my success to an ability to sift through thousands of pages of research reports, articles, government documents, and books—something I learned from that one-credit course. Although the physical structure and interior of Park Library is nothing similar to the Park Library I "grew up" with, its core mission remains – it serves the students, faculty, staff, and community. CMU provided me with a great education and wonderful experiences, and a large part of that came from the library… I give to the library because the library gave so much to me. "      

​ - Donijo Robbins De Jonge, '94

Richie Hogan
Senior, Laguna Hills, CA
Punter, CMU Football Team


Brittany Hill
Junior, Wyoming, MI
Library Scholarship Recipient

Randall Norton
1977 CMU Alumnus, Freeland, MI
Proud supporter of the CMU Libraries & CMU Athletics

"I provide financial support to CMU Athletics so student athletes can have all the tools they need to reach their maximum athletic potential. Help me support the libraries so CMU students can reach their maximum academic potential. I pledge $25 to the libraries for every touchdown scored this season by the football team. I challenge other CMU supporters to do the same. " 
- Randall Norton, CMU Alumnus '77​​