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Outlines of Collecting Level Codes

​Last Updated: 7/02/2004

​Level Code Description
Out of scope 0   Not collect in this subject
Minimal level 1 1a Minimal level, uneven coverage
    1b Minimal level, even coverage
Basic information level 2 2a Basic information level, introductory -- introductory level courses
    2b Basic information level, advanced – a highly educated general public or community college students
Study of instructional support level 3 3a Basic study or instructional support level – lover division undergraduate courses
    3b Intermediate study or instructional support level – advanced undergraduate course work
    3c Advanced study or instructional support level – master’s degree level programs
Research level 4   Support doctoral and other original research
Comprehensive level 5   Include all significant works of recorded knowledge

*For detailed descriptions, see Joanne S. Anderson (editor) (1996). Guide for written collection policy statements, 2nd ed. Chicago American Library Association, 13-14.