Main Corridor Policies
Last Updated: 8/10/05

Main Corridor Policies

  1. Anyone wanting to do any type of scheduled activities in the Park Library main corridor must have permission from the proper authorities.
  2. The Library will screen requests for appropriate use. Reservation forms can be found online at
  3. To be considered for using the corridor, requestors must be either representing an officially approved and sponsored university organization, or, if representing a non-university group, must have an appropriate relationship or connection to the university. The determination of the appropriateness of that connection or relationship is reserved for the Building Coordinator or his representative. In general, academically-oriented activities will have priority over non-academically oriented activities. Requests will not be considered for any type of commercial solicitation. Aggressive distribution of such items as fliers, surveys, or questionnaires will not be permitted.
  4. The Library reserves the right to reassign or cancel reservations(s) to assure the maximum and most appropriate utilization of its space.
  5. The Library asks for at least one-week prior notice for all requests.
  6. Space is reserved in the order in which requests are received.
  7. The Library asks for at least a 48-hour notification of cancellation. If an organization/department fails to give proper notification, permission to use the Library facilities in the future may be withheld.
  8. Changes or additions made to the original request affecting the reserved space should be communicated to the Library 48 hours prior to the event.
  9. Arrangements for tables and chairs should be made with the Library Facility Specialist. It is the requestor's responsibility to contact the Facility Specialist prior to the event for their furniture needs. Unless an exception is approved by the Building Coordinator, any use of the corridor will be limited to the area between the north glass door entrance to the main Library and the doors inside the north vestibule. The doors to the Auditorium will not be blocked or obstructed.
  10. All signage and materials are the requestor's responsibility, and are subject to approval by appropriate Library staff. If needed, the Library may provide a limited amount of furniture to support the activity.
  11. When the Library provides space for scheduled activities, it assumes no responsibility for the success of scheduled meeting(s)/event(s).
  12. No signs, tape, glue, tacks, or nails are permitted on the walls.
  13. Distribution of food and beverages is prohibited.
  14. The Library is not responsible for items lost or stolen.
  15. All groups using University space are expected to adhere to the laws of the State of Michigan, all local and federal laws, and general policies, regulations, and guidelines of the Library and Central Michigan University. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in forfeit of the privilege of utilizing University facilities.​

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