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Instruction Room Use Policy

Last Updated: 1/2017​

Use Policy for Library Instructions Rooms (Park 207, 209, 212)

  1. The purpose of the instruction rooms are for teaching users of the CMU Libraries how to use the various electronic and print tools and services we offer. First priority for the scheduling of these rooms will be for this purpose.
  2. Library staff may schedule other related library events as well such as vendor visits and library staff training. However, these activities may be bumped if the room is needed for library instruction.
  3. Library related organizations may use these rooms if a library staff member is involved. Requests must be approved by appropriate library staff. A reasonable limit will be placed on the number of requests any organization can make.
  4. As library instruction requests can not be predicted, non-library sponsored events can not normally be scheduled in these rooms. However, non-library sponsored events from university courses or groups can be scheduled for university interim periods and spring break. Other requests for the use of these rooms from the CMU Faculty and the CMU Administration will be accommodated when possible but will not be scheduled more than 7 days before an event during the semester. The rooms will not be scheduled for any time when the Park Library is not open. Requests for the approval for non-library sponsored events will be directed to the Head of Reference Services.
  5. Organizers of non-library sponsored events in these rooms will be responsible for the use of the room. They must learn in advance how to use the equipment in the room. Park Library can not guarantee that library staff will be available to assist with room operation. Organizers will also make sure that the library food and drink policy is observed in the rooms.​