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Noise Policy

Last Updated: 2/22/2017


The CMU Libraries are committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users. The first floor stacks, Clarke Historical Library, and the individual study rooms are designated quiet study areas. The Baber Room and the Mary Dow Reading Room also tend to be very quiet. Please refrain from conversations in these areas.

General noise

Quiet conversation among people studying together in a group is acceptable in most areas of the library; however, people should keep their voices down. Speaking to people floor‐to‐floor in the atrium area is prohibited.

Cellular phones and other devices that ring or generate audible noises

When you enter the library, we ask that you turn off the ringer to your phone. Be considerate of those studying around you, and keep your conversations short and your voice lowered when using cell phones.

Excessive noise

If there is noise that is disturbing or disruptive in your vicinity while in the library, you are encouraged to ask the individuals to be quieter. You may also report excessive noise to a library staff member, who will speak to the individuals. Individuals who do not comply with the policy will be asked to leave the building.