Printing to the Makerbot Innovation Center

​​​The Makerbot Innovation Center page can be found here.​​

​To use the Innovation Center you will need to set up an account. The Innovation Center will only accept CMU email addresses (must end in You will have to confirm your account by viewing the confirmation email that was sent to your CMU email account.

Upon logging in you will be taken to the New Request page. This is what we will be focusing on here.​

Project Name: self explanatory but I would recommend including the filename here

Deadline: we operate on a first come first serve basis, also we are not able to make the printers print faster. Feel free to use this field but know that project completion can be affected by many factors and we cannot guarantee that your deadline will be met.

Type of plastic: we only use PLA plastic, purchased by the Innovation Center. We will not print using your plastic.

Color: "Any Color" is the default setting. This means that our workers get to print your file using any color they would like. If you would like a specific color choose it here.

Quantity: choose how many copies in that color you would like.

+Add Filament: allows the option of getting additional copies in different colors. You could print 3 of the same object in Red, White and Blue if you would like.

Upload Files: this is where you upload the file you would like printed. The system will take .makerbot, .stl and .obj files.

  • .makerbot is a finished file that you have set up beforehand. Our workers cannot change a .makerbot file. For information on how to create a .makerbot go here​.
  • .stl and .obj are 3d files that will be downloaded and converted into a .makerbot file by our workers. Our workers will decide what orientation is used and whether or not the file needs ​supports.

Instructions and Notes: these areas are used by commercial printing facilities, which we are not. We will not assemble projects for you.

Next: takes you to the Confirmation page.

Confirm Your Request: you have two options; Go Back or Confirm. Go Back takes you to the previous page so you can make changes. Confirm will move onto the My Prints page. 

My Prints: this page will show the Estimated cost and provide information about where the project i​s in the printing process.

  • Approved will show you when the project was sent to a printer.
  • Finished will tell you when the project is finished.​