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Invitation for Art in the Legislature reception.

Art in the Michigan Legislature

Three pieces of student work are on display.

Contact: Emily Stulz

Three pieces of Central Michigan University student artwork will hang in the Anderson House Office Building and Binsfield Senate Building for the next year as part of an initiative to promote art in everyday life.

Started in 2004, the program is a joint partnership between the Michigan Association of State Universities and the Michigan Legislature. Forty-six individual pieces of art will hang through September 2019.

Each year, student artists and their families are invited to attend an opening reception to celebrate the new installation. This year’s invitation featured “Untitled” by CMU students Alexander Steele and Brandon VanWormer.


Reception invitation to Art in the Legislature, featuring "Untitled" by Alexander Steele and Brandon VanWormer.


The two other pieces by CMU students are “Dreaming” by Brendan Bowers, and “Tragedy Dates” by Michaela Westra.



"This painting to me symbolizes my breaking out of traditional societal norms and attempting to see the world from an undisguised point of view." — Brendan Bowers, art major from Fowlerville, Michigan.


"My inspiration started with asking myself deep questions like, 'I wonder if today's date is the anniversary of someone's death?'" — Michaela Westra, art major from Holland, Michigan.

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