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‘This is not all of us’

Greek leadership organizations stand with CMU on fraternity’s removal

Contact: Heather Smith

​Student leaders of Central Michigan University’s fraternities and sororities have issued a formal statement of support for last week’s decision to remove Phi Sigma Phi as a registered student organization.

CMU took the action last week, citing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, hazing, dangerous behaviors and this spring's death of one of its members following a fraternity social event. 

In a joint statement released yesterday, CMU’s Greek leadership — the Interfraternity Council, Collegiate Panhellenic Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council — announced they stand by the university.

The statement, signed by leaders of the three councils, states, “While the majority of our members strive to better themselves and our community by prioritizing safety and upholding our standards, there have been chapters that have not lived up to these expectations and have been held accountable for their choices.”

The letter was signed by IFC President Galen Miller, CPC President Katie Haas and NPHC President Miles Newton.

“We wanted the whole campus community to know that we do not condone Phi Sigma Phi’s actions,” said Miller, also a member of Phi Delta Theta. “Not all of our organizations are like that, and we wanted our community to know that this doesn’t represent all of us.”

Haas, a member of Phi Mu, echoed Miller’s sentiments.

“We are not taking these allegations lightly,” Haas said. “We wanted the CMU and Mount Pleasant communities to know that we do not condone what that organization was doing and that they were not living out the values of our community.”

Moving forward, the IFC, CPC and NPHC will continue to work on “reflecting and identifying how we can ensure the safety and well-being of our community and student body as a whole.”

Over the next few weeks, the three organizations will begin working on initiatives within the Greek community focusing on topics such as hazing prevention and sexual assault.

As Miller said, “Our statement is just the start.”

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