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CMU parking lots 62E and 62W

Lots add safety, security, spaces

Parking upgrades near stadium precede Saturday’s first home football game

Contact: ​Jeff Johnston

​With improvements over the summer to two parking lots near Kelly/Shorts Stadium, fans should review their arrival and departure plans for Central Michigan University's first home football matchup at 3 p.m. Saturday against Kansas.

"A great day of Central Michigan football starts and ends with getting to and from the game safely," said Athletics Director Michael Alford. "The changes to lots 62 East and West were made with safety and security top of mind 365 days a year."

"This is a parking area, not a throughway. People are moving slower in those lots now and being more respectful of their fellow Chippewas." — Dan Methner, Facilities Management

Work crews updated the side-by-side lots — just north of the stadium and the Indoor Athletic Complex — for safety, security and traffic flow. Lot 62W is accessible from Broomfield Road and Lot 62E from East Campus Drive.

Drivers who use the east and west lots — or used to travel through them — will need to adjust their everyday habits. A driveway connecting 62E and 62W normally will be open except during big events, but for safety it's configured to discourage swift traffic.

The update also improved lighting, added nearly 50 parking spaces to the two lots and expanded "The Island" green space between them — all of which should enhance experiences for fans and guests on game days and every day.

Building excitement

Keep up on campus construction at "Big thinking, big progress."

The Lot 62 changes help keep vehicles and pedestrians apart and keep vehicles from getting too close to the stadium. They also eliminate what had been an uninterrupted driving path that led to speeding through the lots between Broomfield Road and East Campus Drive.


Faculty member Ben Heumann used a geography department drone to produce this composite image showing lots 62 West and 62 East separated by the Island green space. Broomfield Road is at the top of the image, and Kelly/Shorts Stadium is at the bottom.

"This is a parking area, not a throughway," said Dan Methner, civil projects manager for Facilities Management. "People are moving slower in those lots now and being more respectful of their fellow Chippewas."

Speaking of moving slower, officials caution it might take longer to leave the lots after Saturday's game.

Lot 62W will let out to Broomfield and Lot 62E to East Campus Drive. CMU Police will direct traffic after the game to help vehicle flow.

"It's a trade-off," Methner said. "The improvements might affect game-day departures, yet they'll keep students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests much safer every day of the year."

Still have questions? Here's more information:

Where can I park?

You can buy a parking permit on game days. All service drive entry points will have clear signage that list the lot number and are color-coordinated to your parking permit if you purchased it in advance. The permits also include a football parking map.

Attendees also can park on the south side of the stadium in lots 63 East or 73. Lot 73, the grass lot, is great for families. Enter via Tower Road off West Campus Drive (by the tall PBS tower) and ask for Lot 73 parking.

What if I'm used to parking in 62E and 62W?

Chippewa Club members are the only ones with access to lots 62W and 62E on game days. The two lots will not be connected, and each will have a dedicated entrance. Drivers with Lot 62W (gold) football permits will enter and exit at Broomfield. Those with Lot 62E (green) permits will enter and exit at East Campus Drive.

Do the changes affect tailgating?

Tailgating rules are the same as last year. Tailgaters will have access to the new and improved Island between lots 62E and 62W.

Will my RV be able to navigate lots 62W or 62E?

RVs should not have a problem entering the reconfigured parking lots. It will help to arrive early, before the lots fill up.

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