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Motivation and mentors drive CMU senior to accomplish ambitious goals

Demski is first to graduate from CMU with dual majors in electrical and mechanical engineering

Contact: Heather Smith

​There's more to Tyler Demski's graduation from Central Michigan University than being the first student to complete undergraduate majors in both electrical and mechanical engineering.

The Saranac, Michigan, native's CMU experience was more about being surrounded by professors and mentors who supported his ambitious goals. These are the people Demski said helped him inside and outside the classroom to develop the skills he needed to secure his dream job as an electrical engineer at Roush Industries in Livonia.

"I enjoy both of these disciplines of engineering and wanted to push myself to learn as much as possible," said Demski, who was valedictorian of his high school graduating class. "When I was a senior in high school and looking into different colleges, they all said it would be nearly impossible to complete both majors. But here at CMU, the professors and academic advisors told me it would be hard to do, but they were going to help me make it happen."

CMU launched its first undergraduate engineering programs — mechanical and electrical — in 2004 to meet growing nationwide demand. A decade since the first cohorts graduated in 2007, CMU has gained a position as a top institution for teaching and training engineers. 

Demski took advantage of on-campus opportunities as well as the industry relationship CMU has built to connect students to internships and professional employment. For Demski, this included an internship as a product engineer at Magna Mirrors in Kentwood, where he helped design a ground illuminator circuit for a 2018-19 Mercedes vehicle.

In the weeks leading up to graduation, Demski took time to answer a few questions about his engineering ambitions, CMU experiences and future plans.

What did you learn beyond engineering at CMU that you can apply to your career?

I have learned the value of teamwork and being a leader. When students found out that I was a dual major, they would ask me questions. Often, I did not know the answer, but by working together we would come up with a solution.

What was your first "aha!" moment at CMU when you realized that this was exactly what you needed to do?

When I received my internship at Magna Mirrors, I was hesitant on how much I would like engineering because of how hard it was in school. As I began to learn how the industry works, I knew I was making a great decision. It gave me great motivation to continue pushing myself, knowing that I was going to love being an engineer.

What was the best piece of advice you received?

My mentor at Magna Mirrors, Rob Dykhouse, told me that no matter how much experience you have, there is always something new to learn.

What's the best piece of advice you could give to current or future engineering students?

Stay focused and motivated to study because all the hard work will pay off when you are looking for a job. Plan your class schedule for every semester up to graduation so you know you will graduate on time.

Looking ahead, how are you putting your stamp on the world?

Being offered a position as an electrical engineer for Roush, I also am looking forward to going to graduate school for a master's in engineering. I hope to make a great impact in the automotive industry and look forward to mentoring others along the way.

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