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Startup competition winner launches data visualization website

Episcura helps digital artists create movies, video games and digital art

Contact: Heather Smith

​With $30,000 in seed money, the founders of Episcura have been able to take the final leap to launch their business.

Episcura won the Central Michigan University New Venture Competition March 27 and used the funding they received to launch their business April 20. The service provides artists with high-quality HDRI and texture images for the creation of movies, video games and digital art.

"Episcura will generate revenue through selling subscriptions to the digital artists," CMU graduate student Kurt Baringer said. "We're expecting to start earning a profit within the next four months and have 50,000 images available for download within the first year. We expect to add at least 50,000 more images to the site annually for the next four years."

Baringer and his partners, Christian Day, Patrick McAvena and Chris Green, have been employed in design, animation and entertainment for 18 years.

"The site will allow for digital artists to obtain the images they need at a lower cost through their yearly subscription," Baringer said. "Our team is looking to develop this new business model into the premier image source for 3-D artists."

In addition to the leadership and management skills acquired in his business courses, Baringer credits the New Venture Competition for his startup success.

"The competition truly provides students with the tools to get things moving," he said. "The skills and experiences learned are valuable for everyone as it helps turn a basic idea into a detailed business pitch."

To learn more about CMU's New Venture Competition, visit​.

Learn more about Episcura at​.

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