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Organizational review updates posted

Committees finalizing work; latest reports available online

Contact: ​Jeff Johnston

Reports of the latest updates in the organizational review process have been posted online.

Ian Davison, senior vice provost for the organizational review initiative, said status of the review efforts are as follows:

Committee I: The report for this academic year is final and was posted in late February. Academic departments and colleges have conducted their votes. All recommendations were approved at the department and college level and now are published on the Academic Senate website. They next will go to the president and then the Board of Trustees, unless a qualified written objection triggers an Academic Senate vote.

If there is no senate vote, or if the vote is positive, the proposals go to the Board of Trustees with the president's recommendation. If the senate vote is negative, the president still may send the proposal to the board with his recommendation but isn't required to do so.

Committee members did identify important issues that will require additional time and work during the 2018-19 academic year. The recommendations for 2017-18 have been voted on (see above).

Committee II: Final recommendations were posted this week. They go next to the president for review and final decisions.

Committee III: Final recommendations are expected to be released next week.

The provost's divisional plan will be finalized shortly after discussion with affected groups.

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