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Organizational review committees in place

More than 80 nominations received for three committees

Contact: Heather Smith

​More than 80 nominations were received from throughout the Central Michigan University community for individuals to serve on three committees that will guide the academic organizational review through the 2017-18 academic year. These committees include:

  • Committee I, the academic structure committee, will look at college and departmental organization.
  • Committee II, the academic support committee, will look at the academic division beyond the colleges and at related units/teams that directly impact students' educational experience.
  • Committee III, the responsibility centered management committee, will review CMU's responsibility centered management budget model used in the colleges.

Committee I is comprised of at least one representative from each academic college. Melinda Kreth is ex officio based on her leadership role in the Academic Senate and involvement in developing the new strategic plan; two members were appointed by the Academic Senate; and one by the Student Government Association. Additional members of Committee I and the membership of the other two committees were selected by President George E. Ross, Provost Michael Gealt and Senior Vice Provost Ian Davison from the roster of volunteers and nominations made by the CMU community.

"Our objective was to ensure the perspectives of all employee groups, colleges and nonacademic units were represented," Davison said.

Members of the three committees, each of which will be chaired by Davison, include:

Committee I — Academic structure

  • Melinda Kreth, ex officio, chair, English language and literature
  • Robert Roe, ex officio, executive director, institutional research
  • Ann Dasen, faculty, communication and dramatic arts
  • Timothy Hartshorne, faculty, psychology
  • Shellie Haut-Root, executive director, licensure, regulatory services and human capital
  • Angelica Gomez, deputy chief information officer
  • Michael Mamp, faculty, human environmental studies and director, fashion merchandising and design
  • Lori Olsen, chair, School of Accounting
  • Anna Owens, president, Student Government Association
  • Robert Petersen, chair of foundational sciences, College of Medicine
  • Deborah Silkwood-Sherer, director, physical therapy program
  • Andrew Spencer, interim associate dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Kumar Yelamarthi, faculty, School of Engineering and Technology

Committee II — Academic support

  • Robert Roe, ex officio, executive director, institutional research
  • Drake Smarch, CMU senior, Student Government Association representative
  • Concha Allen, associate administrative fellow and faculty, marketing and hospitality services administration
  • Brett Blythe, academic advisor, College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Elizabeth Kirby, senior associate dean, College of Education and Human Services
  • Yannick Marchalant, faculty, psychology
  • Tina Thompson, senior associate dean for academic affairs, College of Medicine
  • Dave Patton, acting associate dean, College of Science and Engineering
  • Marcie Otteman, executive director, alumni relations and development strategies
  • Jody Hassen, executive director, off campus student services
  • Timothy Peters, director, library research and instruction services
  • Ben Andera, executive director, academic and research computing
  • Traci Guinn, interim associate vice president, Institutional Diversity

Committee III — RCM

  • David Whale, faculty, educational leadership
  • Marcy Taylor, interim associate dean, College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Vincent Mumford, administrative fellow and faculty, physical education and sport
  • Pete Vermeire, associate dean, College of Science and Engineering
  • Joe Garrison, director, financial planning and budgets
  • Ray Christie, senior vice provost, academic administration

Those not appointed to a committee are encouraged to participate by working with their departments and colleges and/or by providing ideas either anonymously via an online form or during one of several upcoming open events.

"We are starting to get good ideas from across the university, and I encourage the campus community to keep them coming," Davison said.

Leaders of the colleges and other units will be asked to provide suggestions to the committees to ensure broad-based participation. Finally, all recommendations of the committees will be shared with the campus community for feedback and comments.

Dates for a series of charrettes, designed to gather input from as many faculty, staff and students as possible, will be announced this month. Davison also is accepting requests to meet with departments and small groups.

To learn more about the scope and process of this initiative, visit the Academic Organizational Review website.

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