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Central Michigan University

Updates posted in organizational review

Committees' revised recommendations follow campus feedback process

Contact: ​Jeff Johnston

​Revised recommendations in Central Michigan University's organizational review are posted online.

The changes follow a process that was designed to garner feedback from the campus community. This included campus forums, online input forms and meetings with various constituents. Provost Michael Gealt, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Reorganization Ian Davison and three organizational review committees made their initial recommendations at the end of January.

"Multiple individuals and groups have expressed similar comments," Davison said. "All feedback has been carefully considered by the committees, resulting in several important changes."

Revised recommendations are posted for Committee I, Committee III and the Provost's Plan to Reorganize the Academic Division. Committee II is in the process of revising its recommendations based on feedback.

Key revisions include:

Provost's plan

  • All academic deans would continue to report to the provost.
  • A new position of vice president for health affairs would coordinate all health-related clinical practices, medical compliance and billing across CMU.
  • All curriculum, assessment and accreditation efforts and team members would be in a new Office of Academic Affairs within the provost's organization.

Committee I

  • A few recommendations, including those related to teacher preparation, require more time for consultation and discussion. The committee will continue to work on these with departmental, college and Academic Senate votes expected in the 2018-19 academic year. These issues will not delay consideration of areas of agreement.

Academic departments are voting on the rest of the academic recommendations this week. Colleges will vote in mid-March, and Academic Senate will vote in April before action by the Board of Trustees in June.

Committee III

  • College budget personnel would continue to report to the deans of the academic colleges.
  • A temporary position. for a maximum two-year period, would be created to develop an academic finance management set of policies and procedures to harmonize fiscal management across colleges.

Carol Cartwright, president emeritus of Kent State University, facilitated several feedback forums. Davison said the transcript of Cartwright's exit interview with members of the three committees summarizes the feedback.

The provost and Committees II and III continue to receive and evaluate feedback and will release final recommendations March 19. The final recommendations of Committee I will be finished by April 20, after department, college and Academic Senate votes.

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