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stamp on the world

Putting our stamps on the world

CMU community embodies slogan, making an impact through action and leadership


“Put your stamp on the world” has highlighted Central Michigan University’s marketing campaign the past three years and has become the real-life credo of a constantly expanding circle of CMU students and alumni.

In locations such as the wild habitats of black-footed ferrets, overseas at the Winter Olympics in South Korea or close to home at the Isabella County Restoration House, members of the CMU community are all about that stamp.

“For 125 years, CMU students and alumni — and our faculty and staff — have risen to meet the needs of our state and the world around us,” said Sherry Knight, associate vice president of University Communications. “We step forward together to provide solutions, to redefine what’s possible and to be leaders regardless of title or status.”

Examples abound from within just the past year. Here are a few of those, followed by links to the university’s new television spots:


Physical therapy doctoral students spent six weeks overseeing an exercise group to fight disease progression.


Cut-MedSchool_2015-0831-022 Health Careers Pipeline Program CMED sj.jpg

A medical student teaches another group of students.

A community education program created by students in the College of Medicine exposes area high school students to opportunities in health professions.


Cut-Documentary_03_Our CMU Filmmakers.jpg

Cedric Taylor (left) and Don Blubaugh worked to create the documentary “Nor Any Drop to Drink.”

A faculty-student team created a documentary to highlight the ongoing story of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.


Cut-Art_2018-052-30 (dis)ABLED setup Clarke Stacey Lim HP EHS sj.jpg

Staff work to set up the (dis)ABLED art exhibit in the Clarke Historical Library.

An ongoing art exhibit focuses on the evolution of beauty, disability and ability.


A biology graduate student’s research is helping black-footed ferrets bounce back from near extinction in South Dakota.



Jon Burke stands with the 2018 Olympic mascot outside of the Olympic Village in South Korea.

An athletic trainer worked with the U.S. speedskating team at the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Cut-Restoration_2018-120-01 HONORS class 310 Jeanneane Wood-Nartker sj.jpg

Students put together furniture in the Isabella County Restoration House shelter.

A team of students in a special honors course took on a project to revamp the Isabella County Restoration House shelter.

“Each stamp is unique,” Knight said. “And each experience reinforces the idea that at the end of the day, CMU graduates leaders.”

Students, alumni, faculty and staff who demonstrate leadership may not even recognize it at first, said Dan Gaken, director of CMU’s Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute. CMU helps them lead in their own ways. 

"Leadership is not always about being the point person or having positional authority,” Gaken said at the launch of the LeadCMU curriculum. “Leadership is about doing the right thing and creating value for other members of your community.

“Leadership is about making the world better for others."


Explore how CMU Chippewas impact their communities by scrolling through the Twitter hashtag #putyourstampontheworld. Join the conversation and share your own stamp story.

New visions of CMU
Three new television ads encourage future undergraduate students to imagine making a difference through CMU. The commercials focus on what it means to be a CMU Chippewa.

Those who Lead” highlights one of CMU’s hallmark strengths: preparing and graduating leaders.

Opportunity” features beloved CMU Chippewa Dick Enberg and other notable alumni. Enberg, who died Dec. 21, was a lifelong supporter of CMU.

Feel the Love” showcases the community and lifelong connections students develop at CMU.

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