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Al Wildey’s work, “Midland”

Faculty member earns photo honors

Head On Photo Festival recognizes Al Wildey’s work

Contact: Emily Stulz


Department of Art and Design faculty member Al Wildey's landscape photograph “Midland” received third place honors in the Australia-based Head On Photo Festival, one of the world's most prestigious photo festivals.

"Midland" is a digital composite comprised of 100 photographs of a journey merged into a single image creating the illusion of travel through time and space.  

“The layering process is like taking an entire photo album and placing it into one image," Wildey said.

The photo is mounted on alumimum for its reflective qualities. Wiley said the light reflection off aluminum makes the image more interactive, thus enabling a person to see different things at different times.  

Wildey began experimenting with this layering process in 1989 during Adobe Photoshop beta testing on an Apple II computer. His images focus on the journeys he has taken, ranging from international expeditions that cover more than 6,000 miles to an everyday route to work that does not exceed five miles.

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