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Connecting CMU and the city

City and university work together to increase safety and access

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​Collaboration between the city of Mount Pleasant and Central Michigan University has led to increased safety and access for city residents, visitors and the campus community.

A new street, Olympic Drive, opened Oct. 10, creating another connection between CMU’s campus and the city. The new street runs east and west between the Special Olympics Michigan building and Chippewa Lanes connecting East Campus Drive to Mission Street.

“Planners from the City and CMU identified improved safety and access along the Mission Street corridor as a high priority in their master plans,” said Steve Lawrence, CMU’s associate vice president for facilities management. “Because this corridor borders CMU to the east, we worked together to create a plan for this and other proposed connector streets.”

Ian Lockwood, a recognized national leader in sustainable transportation policy and urban design, led the creation of a plan for the city that adds a network between CMU’s campus, the city and the south end of Mission Street. Lockwood is the livable transportation engineer with Toole Design Group in Orlando, and formerly a former partner at AECOM.

The plan included a series of proposed design ideas, including altering the street network, looking for public and private partnerships, cross-access agreements, developing a series of connector streets and driveways along Mission Street. The connector streets also were included as part of CMU’s master plan.

“Having Lockwood work on transportation and planning for both the city and CMU has created synergy and consistency,” said Lawrence. “It is in the best interest for both parties that we are all working together as we plan for the future.”

See the entire proposed grid street placement and design plan here

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