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Experiencing poverty through simulation

Workshop simulates daily challenges faced by those living in poverty

Contact: Dan Digmann

Central Michigan University students experienced poverty through a hands-on simulatio​n workshop​, where they faced a variety of challenges to meet their basic needs – similar to the ones people living in poverty face every day.

The three-hour poverty simulation on Oct. 30 grouped students in human service-related fields into "families," where they had to role-play through different scenarios, such as going to school, buying groceries and applying for jobs, all while trying to allocate enough money for bills, mortgages and other day-to-day expenses. Families who couldn't meet their basic needs were "evicted" and left homeless. The challenges presented were designed to demonstrate how difficult life is when people lack the adequate resources to survive.

The Poverty Simulation also is provided to businesses, school districts and local governments as a part of a commitment to end poverty in Michigan.​​​


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