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Students conduct mock crime scene investigation on CMU's campus

Experience gives anthropology students experience in forensics

Contact: CMU News

As if starring on “CSI: CMU,” students investigated a simulated crime scene at Central Michigan University last Friday as part of a forensic anthropology final exam.

Mattawan junior Andrea Ost, an anthropology major, measured and recorded evidence that was present and sketched the scene onto graph paper.

“An activity like this crime scene lab where every student is offered personal attention and an opportunity to be a part of an experience like this is rare,” Ost said. “Having a department and faculty that support our students this way is a wonderful thing.”

Under the guidance of faculty member Cathy Willermet, students learn how to gather evidence, photograph details and perform an investigation to help solve the fictional crime.

“On finals day, we’re going to bring everybody together, and they’re going to compile all their information and see if they can figure out what happened,” Willermet said.

Detroit sophomore and anthropology major Vanessa Graves bagged evidence and assisted the recorder with crime scene notes.

“This experience opened my eyes to the reality of forensic anthropology,” Graves said. “There is a series of processes needed to identify all elements of the scene.”

Next week, the teams will gather to compile the evidence and map out details of the crime.

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