Network for Women

​Central Michigan University's Network for Women was founded in 1997 by 23 women. During the 2012-13 academic year, the group has grown to include over 300 women.

The members of the founding network are: 
Brigitte Bechto​​ld
Kelvie Comer
Nancy Cooley
Karen Costanzi
Suzanne Cross
Julia Daniels
Ayayi Fubara Eneli
Sharon George
Darby Gwisdala
Mary Henley
Monica Holmes
Joan Hornak
Pam Husa
Ulana Klymyshyn
Marykaye Murphy
Phyllis Powell
June Stefanko
Susan Steffel
Barbara Taylor
Mamie Thorns
Kim Methner (Van Sickle)
Jan Wagester
Marcy Weston

The CMU Network for Women, a forum for all women in the CMU community, provides information, support, and encouragement on women's issues, provides a resource and mentoring network for women with common interests and goals, and is dedicated to enhancing the skills and opportunities for women in the institutional workplace. 

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