Grant Initiatives

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#ConsentIsCentral (2016-2018)

The #ConsentIsCentral initiative focuses on consent and encouraging individuals to commit to helping create a culture of consent and bystander intervention. 

With this campaign, OCRIE is encouraging students, faculty, and staff to utilize #ConsentIsCentral to engage in conversations regarding consent on both Twitter and Facebook. OCRIE also offers an in person workshop presentation regarding consent through the #ConsentIsCentral campaign. 

Select documents have been translated into the following languages:

An online sexual misconduct reporting tool for students to report incidents of sexual misconduct has been created. The online reporting tool also connects students with local resources available in the Mount Pleasant area. To report a sexual misconduct concern through our online tool, please click here.

This project is supported by the Campus Sexual Assault Grant Program, awarded by the State of Michigan and administered by the Michigan State Police (MSP). Points of view or opinions contained within this project do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the State of Michigan or the MSP.