Commonly Asked Questions About Online Trainings Offered Through OCRIE

Who should complete the training?

Everyone.  As a university community, we have made the commitment to creating an inclusive environment for every individual; achieving this goal will depend on each of us accepting the personal responsibility for our education, awareness, and behavior.

What is the timeline for completing the training?

Employees and students will receive an invitation to their assigned course through their campus email.  A due date will be assigned for your course; however, it is recommended that you take the training as soon as possible.

How long does it take to complete the training?

Both the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination and the Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates takes about 90 minutes to complete.

You can complete the trainings at your own pace and from any device (computer or tablet).  Google Chrome is the preferred browser.  You may leave the course at any time and w\it will open to the page where you left off when you return.

I am an employee and a student.  Do I need to take both trainings?

Yes, you should take both online courses that were assigned to you as they cover different responsibilities and materials.

How can I access the training assigned to me?

You should have received an invitation, with a link to access the training in your campus email.  You can also access your training through your "My Account - EverFi Online Training."

Is there anything else I  should know about these trainings?

Trigger warnings

For some people, reading about these topics may bring up personal memories or strong emotions.  To help individuals who are adversely impacted by these issues, the training program uses trigger warnings so no one is caught off-guard by the content and everyone is able to prepare to fully participate if they wish to proceed.

You have the option to waive the training.  If you wish to waive the training, please use the form located at the bottom of this webpage.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates prominently feature open and frank discussions of the following potentially triggering content:

  • Stalking
  • Sexual violence
  • Intimate partner violence
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • Sexual harassment
  • Drug abuse and dependence
At the top of every page of the trainings, there are links to both national and campus/local resources.

At CMU, we understand some of these issues can be a strong impact, and, for that reason, you have the option to waive the training.  To waive the training, please use the form located at the bottom of this webpage.

What happens with the data collected from the trainings?

Pre- and post-training questions, as well as questions inviting you to share personal information or beliefs, appear throughout some of the trainings.  These questions are optional, and any information you disclose about your behavior or habits is collected anonymously.  This information informs future programming and outreach so we can best serve and support our community.

What if I need technical support?

EverFi has a technical support team not affiliated with CMU.  For technical support with the training, please contact EverFi's tech support by clicking on "Help" within the course or by visiting