Educational Programming

At Central Michigan University, we purposely cultivate a safe and welcoming campus environment. The university is providing critical online training related to Title IX and sexual misconduct to all students, faculty, and staff.  Thank you for completing the training, and for helping to keep our community safe.

​ ​​​​​​-George E. Ross, President

CMU is committed to developing a caring and supportive culture.  As such, CMU has partnered with Campus Clarity and LawRoom, online education providers, to educate members of the university community about sexual misconduct.

Faculty & Staff Programs

Faculty and staff will be offered Intersections training. Through a series of interactive exercises, this training will provide tools and tips to promote a harassment and discrimination free environment and their responsibilities under Title IX.

Student employees and graduate assistants will be offered Bridges training. Through a series of interactive exercises, this training will provide information about sexual misconduct, and responsibilities under Title IX. ​​Information about the training about both Intersections and Bridges can be accessed here.​​

Student Programs

Students will receive a training labeled Think About It, which will introduce students to our university-wide conversation on important issues relating to sexual misconduct, such as healthy relationships, substance abuse, and sexual aggression. Information about the training can be accessed here.​

Educational Programming FAQs

Frequently asked questions about educational programming can be accessed here​.