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​​​​​​​​CMU is committed to providing a positive work environment that recognizes and respects the dignity all students, faculty, and staff. As part of our commitment to a safe and welcoming environment, CMU has developed an online training program, LawRoom, to provide anti-harassment and discrimination training and Title IX training on an on-going basis to all faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and student employees.

Faculty and staff will be offered Intersections training. Through a series of interactive exercises, this training will provide tools and tips to promote a harassment and discrimination free environment and responsibilities under Title IX.

Student employees and graduate assistants will be offered Bridges training. Through a series of interactive exercises, this training will provide information about sexual misconduct, and responsibilities under Title IX. 

Why is this important?

CMU is committed to developing a caring and supportive culture for our students, faculty and staff. At CMU, we take care of each other. We watch what is happening around us, notice potentially dangerous or serious situations, and respond - whether that means speaking up, stopping someone, or contacting the appropriate authorities or services. In order to accomplish that, we want to ensure that you are a part of this dialogue so you are prepared to continue the conversation that starts with the online training course.

Discrimination, harassment, and violence can affect all of us. This training will help provide you with the tools to help promote a workplace free of harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct, as well as discuss your responsibilities under Title IX. The trainings will help all employees recognize harassment and sexual misconduct, and provide practical tips on creating a safe, inclusive environment. The training also includes safe and positive options for bystander intervention, inclusive language for the workplace, and the nature of macroaggressions.

In addition, anyone taking classes at CMU is protected under Title IX, so even if you are well-versed in discussions of sex and gender equity, it is still important for you to know your rights as a member of our community. For these reasons, the training is being offered to all CMU faculty and staff, including student employees and graduate assistants. 

LawRoom training provides an opportunity for our faculty and staff to learn the current university policies on sexual misconduct. This is an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn more about how they can help maintain a safe campus for our students and colleagues.

-Michael A. Gealt, Executive Vice President/Provost

Timeline for completion

It is recommended that all CMU faculty and staff, including student employees and graduate assistants, take the training as soon as possible. 

Your progress is saved automatically, so you will be able to log out and log back in to both parts, and you do not have to complete the whole program in one sitting.

Trigger warnings

For some people, reading about these topics may bring up personal memories or strong emotions. In order to mitigate the impact of these discussions on people who are adversely impacted by these issues, the training program uses trigger warnings - that way, no one is caught off-guard by the content and you can prepare yourself to fully participate.

Intersections and Bridges prominently features open and frank discussions of the following potentially triggering content:

  • Stalking
  • Sexual violence
  • Intimate partner violence
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • Sexual harassment

There are also a number of specific trigger warnings embedded in the course before discussions of this material. You will be able to skip some of these parts of the training if you find you need to do so.

At CMU, we understand that some of these issues can have a strong impact. For that reason, you will also have the option to "opt out" of the training. To opt out, please use the form located at the bottom of this site.

Need technical support?

LawRoom training courses have their own technical support team that is not affiliated with CMU. Please go to support.lawroom.com​ for 24/7 technical support (including live chat) or call 844-348-1616.

How to Access Intersections and Bridges

A link to the educational program has been emailed to your CMU webmail account.  

You may also access the online training course at: 


The link is located under the heading labeled "Around Campus."

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