Online Educational Programing and Training


Online Educational Programming and Training

As part of our ongoing efforts, CMU has partnered with EverFi, a national provider of educational programs in inclusion, substance abuse, healthy relationships, and staying safe.  Through this partnership, CMU provides faculty, staff, and students with online, evidence-based training designed to help everyone cultivate and maintain a campus culture resistant to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

As a university community, we have made the commitment to creating an inclusive environment for every individual; achieving this goal will depend on each of us accepting the personal responsibility for our education, awareness, and behavior.  This EverFi training is an important first step in that process.  I hope you will find it engaging and informative, and that you are able to incorporate what you learn into your daily work at CMU.

Faculty & Staff Programs

Faculty and staff should complete the training called Preventing Harassment and Discrimination.  Through a series of interactive exercises, this module provides tools and tips to promote a harassment and discrimination-free environment and outlines employees' responsibilities under Title IX.

Student Programs

New first-year and transfer students should complete the training called Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates.  This training introduces students to our university wide conversation on important issues relating to sexual and gender-based misconduct, such as healthy relationships, substance abuse, sexual aggression, and bystander intervention.

Returning undergraduate and all graduate students will also be assigned trainings designed to continue the university wide conversation related to sexual and gender-based misconduct.