Leadership Safari 2011

As CMU President, Dr. George Ross has a hectic and demanding daily schedule.  Yet he always finds time to interact with students, whether one-on-one or at one of the many campus events held throughout the year.

Each year at the start of Fall Semester, Dr. Ross welcomes and rallies first-year and transfer students to campus at an event called Leadership Safari.  Leadership Safari brings together approximately 1,800 residence hall students who learn about being academically successful while attending CMU.  Safari student volunteers also encourage the students to get involved in campus activities to develop leadership abilities both inside and outside of the classroom.  Dr. Ross tells students that beginning college is a new, exciting and important time in their lives, and that students should take their education seriously but also have fun while at CMU. 

He closes each Leadership Safari address to the students by leading them in a loud and enthusiastic cheer: “FIRE UP, CHIPS!!”