President's Division

​​Michael Alford
Associate Vice President/Director Intercollegiate Athletics
Rose Center 100
phone: (989) 774-3046

  • The athletic director leads a team of dedicated coaches, trainers, and staff that keep CMU’s athletic teams active and successful in the Mid-American Conference. The director is responsible for knowing, following, and implementing NCAA rules and regulations, enabling CMU to keep its Division I-A status in the conference. The athletics office is an active fundraising unit for the university and is regularly visible in the community and across the country as representatives of CMU. The position is also responsible for overseeing improvements and expansions to the university’s athletic facilities.

​​Karen J. Haskin, MSA, RHIT, CHCO, OHCC
HIPAA Privacy Officer

Foust 255
phone: (989) 774-2829

  • The HIPAA Privacy Officer is the designated official to oversee the daily operations of the HIPAA program.  The operations of the HIPAA office include the development, implementation, and maintenance of policies and procedures, HIPAA training program, monitoring program compliance, investigation and tracking of incidents and breaches, and insuring patient rights in compliance with federal and state laws.

Mary Martinez, MSW
Interim Executive Director/Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity
Title IX Coordinator
Bovee University Center 306
phone: (989) 774-3253

  • The executive director of the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity supervises the maintenance of related reports and records, provides and develops related educational programs and materials, offers guidance and advice to all community members on the university's nondiscrimination and affirmative action policies and procedures, assists departments with recruitment and retention activities, and receives and resolves complaints of discrimination from students, employees and others.
Dr. A. T. Miller
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
Warriner 319
phone: (989) 774-3700
  • The Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer (VP and CDO) leads the institutional efforts to create opportunities and implement strategies to define, promote and evaluate institutional diversity, inclusion and cultural competency.  The VP and CDO serves as the senior administrator responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive strategic plan for furthering diversity across the campus and by leading efforts to create a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners.  In addition, the VP and CDO provides strategic leadership and management in policy development for the operation of programs, training, and engagement in order to achieve institutional diversity and cultural competency goals.

Dr. Manuel R. Rupe
Vice President and General Counsel
1303A West Campus Drive
phone: (989) 774-3971

  • The general counsel serves as chief legal officer for the university, providing legal opinions, advice and assistance to all university offices. The Office of General Counsel advises university officials on the law’s effects on policy and business decisions, receives and reviews contracts, provides consultation on academic or administrative matters that have legal implications, and handles all litigation and administrative agency proceedings involving the university.

Heather Smith
Interim Associate Vice President of University Communications
West Hall 202
phone: (989) 774-1702

  • The associate vice president of University Communications serves as the university’s chief communications officer, working with the team to advance CMU’s goals, vision, and national reputation and integrity. Consisting of the public relations and internal communications, integrated marketing and digital communications, and creative services and licensing units, University Communications serves as the voice of CMU and is responsible for the protection and advancement of CMU’s brand and identity. University Communications staff members advise university employees on methods to identify and communicate with CMU’s primary audiences, including prospective students, alumni and donors, through printed and digital communications platforms, strategic marketing plans and public relations efforts.​

Scott Strong
Director of Internal Audit
Warriner Hall 203
phone: (989) 774-2317

  • Internal Audit is an independent office that examines and evaluates all activities of the university. The office provides analyses, appraisals, recommendations, and counsel concerning university financial and procedural policies. The director also develops an annual audit plan and works with external auditors to ensure the ongoing integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness of financial and other management control systems.

Rhonda Welsh
Executive Director of Detroit Outreach
777 Woodward, Suite 160
Detroit, MI 48226
phone: (313) 496-5196

  • This position serves as the manager of the facility, coordiates events and activities within the office, serves as Central Michigan University's primary connection to Mentro Detroit for community events and activities, and oversees and directs the work of the office receptionist.  Building and nurturing relationships with the Detroit business and civic community and serving as a liaison with other CMU units is an important component of this position.