CMU HIPAA Contacts


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HIPAA Privacy Officer
Karen Haskin
HIPAA Privacy Officer (Interim)
Director, Clinical Services for the Carls Center

HIPAA Security Officer
Mark Herron
Chief Information Security Officer
HIPAA Representatives for their respective areas:
Frederick Creighton
College of Medicine

Karen Haskin-until Interim designated
Director, Clinical Services for the Carls Center

Lori Hella
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Brian Wiese
Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Medicine 

Amanda Lopez
Director, Psychological Training and Consultation Center
College of Humanities and Social Behavioral Sciences

Benjamin Coffman
Director, Risk Management and Insurance​


HIPAA Privacy Officer; or

HIPAA Representative; or

Manuel Rupe
Vice President/General Counsel

Call CMU Ethics Hotline (confidential) at 1-866-294-9379; or

File a report via the CMU Ethics hotline

HIPAA Executive Steering Committee:

David Ash
Vice President for Research/Dean of Graduate Studies
Committee Chair

Michael Gealt
Executive Vice President and Provost

Manuel Rupe
Vice President / General Counsel

Roger Rehm
Vice President/Technology/CIO Office of Information Technology

George E. Kikano
Dean, College of Medicine

Thomas J. Masterson, Jr., Ph.D.  Dean, The Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow College of Health Profession  

January 19, 2018​