CMU HIPAA Contacts


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HIPAA Privacy Officer (Interim)
Karen Haskin

HIPAA Security Officer
Kurt Smith
HIPAA Representatives for their respective areas:
Frederick Creighton
College of Medicine

Karen Haskin
Director, Clinical Services for the Carls Center

Lori Hella
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Brian Wiese
Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Medicine 

Director, Psychological Training and Consultation Center
College of Humanities and Social Behavioral Sciences

Benjamin Coffman
Director, Risk Management and Insurance​


HIPAA Privacy Office; or

HIPAA Representative; or

Manuel Rupe
Vice President/General Counsel

Call CMU Ethics Hotline (confidential) at 1-866-294-9379; or

File a report via the CMU Ethics hotline

HIPAA Executive Steering Committee:

David Ash
Vice President for Research/Dean of Graduate Studies
Committee Chair

Michael Gealt
Executive Vice President and Provost

Manuel Rupe
Vice President / General Counsel

Roger Rehm
Vice President/Technology/CIO Office of Information Technology

George E. Kikano
Dean, College of Medicine

Thomas J. Masterson, Jr., Ph.D.  Dean, The Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow College of Health Profession  

August 31, 2018​