PDF  Word Sample Business Associate Agreement

PDF   Word Sample Business Associate Addendum

PDF  Word HIPAA Access or Receive a Copy of PHI - Attachment A

PDF   Word HIPAA Request for Accounting of Disclosures of PHI - Attachment B

PDF   Word HIPAA Restriction Requests on the U-Disclosure of PHI - Attachment C

PDF   Word HIPAA Authorization for Release of PHI BLANK - Attachment D

PDF  Word HIPAA Ammend PHI - Attachment E

PDF   Word HIPAA Confidential Communication - Attachment F

PDF   Word HIPAA Complaint Form - Attachment G

PDF  Word HIPAA Client Notification of Amendment to PHI - Attachment H

PDF  Word HIPAA Log of Disclosures - Attachment I

PDF  Word HIPAA Log of Release of Disclosure Accounting Information - Attachment J

PDF   Word HIPAA Employee Access Statement Form - Attachment K

PDF  Word HIPAA Carls Center Master Assignment and Authorization for Treatment

PDF  Word HIPAA Carls Center Authorization for Release of Medical Records

PDF  Word HIPAA UHS Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Notice of Privacy Practices - Communication

PDF  Word HIPAA UHS Assignment and Authorization for Treatment

PDF  Word HIPAA UHS Authorization to Release or Obtain Information

PDF  Word HIPAA Benefits & Wellness Authorization to Release Information