General Information

For Students
HIPAA is relevant to students as health services consumers, health insurance beneficiaries, and employees with access to protected health information. FERPA and HIPAA both protect your privacy thoroughly. Read more about privacy at CMU FERPA.

For Faculty
HIPAA is relevant to faculty members as clinicians and researchers. Understanding allowable disclosures will enhance care and research alike. Please take the necessary steps for awareness.

For Staff
HIPAA is relevant to staff members as employees with access to protected health information and health insurance consumers. You should understand how this law will protect you and others from this point forth.

For Parents
HIPAA at CMU is relevant to you as parents of students. HIPAA is superceded by FERPA, and your children's privacy is kept at the highest of standards.

For Vendors / Business Associates
We have identified all our associates who have access to protected health information. Contracts will/are mailed out. If by March 2003 you have not received one and feel that you should, please request one using our online question form.