Policies and Procedures


HIPAA: Organization for Compliance, Policy 12-1

HIPAA: Hybrid Entity Defined,  12-2

HIPAA: Notice of Privacy Practices, 12-3

             CMU Notice of Privacy Practices.pdf

HIPAA: Reporting and Investigating Privacy and Security Incidents/Complaints,  12-4

HIPAA: Breach Notification,  12-5

HIPAA: Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information,  12-6

HIPAA: Contingency Plans for Electronic Protected Health Information,  12-7

HIPAA: Workforce Security and Information Access Management, Policy 12-8

HIPAA: Protecting Electronic Personal Health Information,  12-9

HIPAA: Sanctions for Breach of Privacy and Security of PHI,  12-10

HIPAA: Individual Rights, Policy 12-11

HIPAA: Psychotherapy Notes, Policy 12-12

HIPAA: Safeguards, Policy 12-13