Student OMBUDS Home

​​The Student Ombuds Office is part of the President's Office and a place for student voices to be heard.
You can expect:

  • accessibility
  • confidentiality
  • impartiality

The Student Ombuds Officer will listen to your problem and take one or several courses of action. The Ombuds Officer may:

  • explain the process you might follow to resolve your situation
  • refer you to the appropriate person who can help you
  • informally look into your situation and make recommendations

When your problem does not have a simple solution, it can be difficult finding someone who can help. Most of the time, your problem can be handled through normal academic or administrative channels. Academic advisers, department heads and deans can help you resolve problems that occur. Sometimes you may not know what the "normal" administrative channel is. That is when the Student Ombuds Officer can help.

The Ombuds Officer listens to students who have complaints about college life and tries to help them resolve their problems. If you need help with a disagreement or dispute with a university office, department or individual, you can contact the ombuds officer. It is important to understand that taking a concern to the ombuds officer does not necessarily mean that the dispute will be resolved in your favor. You can be assured, however, that your concern will be addressed through impartial investigation of facts and circumstances.​

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