Students immerse and learn

​​​​​​​​From freshmen to future doctors, CMU students engage in hands-on research and gain real-world experiences outside the classroom. These opportunities, available as early as their first few months on campus, put our students a step ahead.

Bria Graham started doing research with biology professor Cynthia Damer the summer after her freshman year.

Damer studies a family of newly discovered proteins called copines, which have been linked to diseases such as osteosarcoma and breast cancer. Alongside Damer, Graham worked with copines and a model organism called Dictyostelium discodium.

“In the lab, I cloned DNA, quantified it and prepared it to be placed inside the organism,” Graham said. “Through research, you’re introduced to all of these opportunities. CMU does a good job of allowing students to get hands-on experience in research and even get published.”

Graham graduated in May and has begun her master’s degree in biology at CMU.

Giving back. Becom​ing leaders. Gaining experience.​