State of the University - Fall 2016

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our bold history continues​

Teaching at CMU — in the classroom and beyond — is how we prepare students to put their stamp on t​he world. — President George E. Ross

Central Michigan University is among 5 percent of U.S. universities in the top two Carnegie research classifications.

It’​s an impressive achievement, ​attesting to our impact as a major, national university and one of a select few in Michigan.

But wait. As a key stakeholder asked, is “research university”​ congruent with our trademark emphasis on students? Faculty, too, sometimes question being a research versus a teaching university.

In reality, CMU-style research is about students, thousands of whom work beside faculty, cultivating the knowledge, curiosity and solutions-oriented mindset that employers and graduate schools value most.

Great ​challenges and pressures face higher education today. The number of Michigan high school seniors has decreased by 17,000 in eight years and continues to shrink. State funding remains low. Student debt is high. The call to graduate more students and help them start good careers is loud.​

​Those factors show why it’​s significant that research is teaching at CMU. And teaching — in the classroom and beyond, in all of our programs — is how we prepare students to put their stamp on the world.

CMU fills a critical role in Michigan. We have a bold history of tackling unmet needs, starting 124 years ago with the preparation of teachers and reflected today in our College of Medicine, training physicians to provide healthcare for rural and medically underserved communities in our region, state and beyond.

With this annual report, we present a glimpse of the work of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters.

- President George E. Ross​

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