Strategic Pathway #1

Enhance the overall academic quality and environment of CMU with a commitment to rigor, relevance and excellence in our curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular programs.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Mary Schutten, co-convener 
  • Mr. Tony Voisin, co-convener 
  • Mr. Ben Andera
  • Dr. Jeremy Bond 
  • Dr. Jodi Brookins-Fisher 
  • Dr. Marco Fornari 
  • Dr. Tracy Galarowicz 
  • Dr. Deborah Gray 
  • Ms. Erica Johnson 
  • Dr. Melinda Kreth 
  • Dr. Michael Mamp 
  • Ms. Stephanie Mathson 
  • Dr. Kaleb Patrick
  • Ms. Dani Rossman
  • Mr. James Span, Jr.
  • Dr. Nicole Sparling Barco
  • Dr. Andrew Spencer 
  • Dr. Marcy Taylor 
  • Dr. Jonathan Truitt 

Committee Charge

  • If necessary, recommend any minor edits and/or clarifications to the descriptor for the pathway. 
  • Establish overarching strategic objectives that will define CMU in 2030 relative to the pathway. 
  • Ensure that there are appropriate processes to proactively engage campus and community stakeholders in the discussions and idea generation for the strategic objectives. 
  • Recommend short-term benchmarks (goals and objectives that can be reached within one to three years) to be used as measurements of progress.