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​​​​​​​​​​​​​CMU’s University Communications staff members are a collection of designers, photographers, writers and editors who are here to help you develop communication plans, social media and print materials. The office is in West Hall​, at the northwest end of the Mount Pleasant campus.

Have a general comment or question? Call 989-774-3197​ or e-mail

Executive Staff

Sherry Knight​, 989-774-7326​,
Associate Vice President

Lori Conroy. 989-774-7326,
Executive Assistant

Creative Services & Licensing​​

Dan Digmann. 989-774-7332,
Assistant Director of Editing

Amy Gouin. 989-774-1791,
Associate Director of Creative Services and Graphic Design

​Steve Jessmore. 989-774-3670,
Assistant Director of Photos and Image Marketing

Nate Jones. 989-774-2296,
Assistant Director of Graphic Design

Amy Soper. 989-774-7333​,
Assistant Director of Content Solutions​

Integrated Marketing & Digital Communications

Monica Clark​. 989-774-7331,
​Director of Integrated Marketing

Blaine Bendele. 989-774-2060,
Assistant Director of Marketing Technology​

Katherine Davis. 989-774-1207​,
Assistant Director of Integrated Marketing​​

Daniel Dunning. 989-774-2701,
Digital Designer​

Public Relations & Internal Communications

​Heather Smith. 989-774-1702​,​
Senior Associate Director of Public Relations​

Mackenzie Kastl. 989-774-3272,
Assistant Director of Public Relations​

Adam Miedema. 989-774-1641,
Assistant Director of Multimedia and Videography

Terri Nelson. 989-774-3197,
Specialist Clerk​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Rachel Esterline Perkins. 989-774-2121,
Associate Director of Public Relations and Social Media​

Kirsten Simmons. 989-774-2078,
Assistant Director of Public Relations​