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​​​​​​​​​​CMU’s University Communications staff members are a collection of designers, photographers, writers and editors who are here to help you develop communication plans, social media and print materials. The office is in West Hall, at the northwest end of the Mount Pleasant campus.

Have a general comment or question? Call 989-774-3197​ or e-mail

Executive Staff

Sherry Knight​, 989-774-7326​,
Associate Vice President

Lori Conroy. 989-774-7326,
Executive Assistant

Creative Services & Licensing​​

Dan Digmann. 989-774-7332,
Assistant Director of Editing

Amy Gouin. 989-774-1791,
Associate Director of Creative Services and Graphic Design

​Steve Jessmore. 989-774-3670,
Assistant Director of Photos and Image Marketing

Nate Jones. 989-774-2296,
Assistant Director of Graphic Design

Amy Soper. 989-774-7333​,
Assistant Director of Content Solutions​

Integrated Marketing & Digital Communications

Monica Mull. 989-774-7331,
​Director of Integrated Marketing

Blaine Bendele. 989-774-2060,
Assistant Director of Marketing Technology​

Katherine Davis. 989-774-1207​,
Assistant Director of Integrated Marketing​​

Daniel Dunning. 989-774-2701,
Digital Designer​

Public Relations & Internal Communications

Steve Smith. 989-774-7328,
Director of Public Relations and Internal Communications

​Heather Smith. 989-774-1702​,​
Senior Associate Director of Public Relations​

Mackenzie Kastl. 989-774-3272,
Assistant Director of Public Relations​

Adam Miedema. 989-774-1641,
Assistant Director of Multimedia and Videography

Terri Nelson. 989-774-3197,
Specialist Clerk​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Rachel Esterline Perkins. 989-774-2121,
Associate Director of Public Relations and Social Media​

Kirsten Simmons. 989-774-2078,
Assistant Director of Public Relations​