A number of the graphic elements outlined in this section were informed by the angle found in our Action C.

Use design elements to add visual interest and to help tell stories from Central Michigan University. When used consistently, these elements create continuity in our family of materials.

Take care not to overuse these elements; while they can and should be used to add energy to layouts, they should not compete with the primary content. Along the same lines, do not use every element at once.

Dot Circles

Large Dot Circle
Small Dot Circle

Dot Chevrons

Large Dot Chevron
Small Dot Chevron

Hash Circles

Hash Circle - Thick Lines
Hash Circle - Thin Lines

Hash Chevrons

Hash Chevrons - Corner
Hash Chevrons - Full

Hash Pattern

Hash Pattern



The most dynamic and exciting images are those that depict movement. Express Central Michigan University’s ‘can do’ spirit and hands-on approach to learning by showing students and faculty members in action.

Environmentals with Action

Adding a sense of place into your photography can help the reader to imagine themselves in that situation. Use CMU’s picturesque location to your advantage by incorporating images of students interacting with the local environment.

Close-up Portraits

Although it shouldn’t be used as the default photo style, portraiture can be useful for encouraging the audience to engage and connect with individual student or faculty stories.

Photography Examples


Red Gold Duotone
Red Maroon Duotone

Blue Duotone
Gradient DuoTone