CMU’s lockup system combines two of our signature marks with CMU unit names to provide a consistent look and strengthen our brand.

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Action C Combination Lockup

Our Action C Combination lockup system combines our signature mark with a CMU unit name to provide a consistent look that strengthens our brand.

Lockups must be used to represent the following CMU areas:

  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Departments
  • Offices
  • Centers
  • Divisions
  • Institutes
  • Service units
  • Student support services or programs
  • Academies
  • Collaboratives
  • CMU locations/facilities

Action C Combination Lockup: Horizontal
Action C Combination Lockup: Stacked

Clear Space

To maintain legibility and visual impact, our CMU Action C Combination lockup must have clear space around it that is not infringed upon by text or other visual elements. Use of the width of the cirlce in the lockup as a gauge to determine if the logo has sufficient clear space surrounding it.

Action C Combination Lockup: Clear Space

Minimum Size

To maintain legibility, the Action C Combination lockup should never be reproduced in sizes smaller than .5 inch tall (48 px).

Action C Combination Lockup: Minimum Size

CMU Wordmark Lockups

To strengthen CMU’s identity, units across campus will be phased out of the CMU wordmark lockups and begin using the Action C Combination lockup.

CMU Wordmark Lockup: Horizontal
CMU Wordmark Lockup: Vertical