With more than 350 student organizations at Central Michigan University, the following have been created to assist in understanding the ways to affiliate with the university:

  • Groups identify as a student-based organization not to be confused with a University department, program or initiative;
  • The student group identity conforms to the guidelines herein and does not infringe on Central Michigan University registered marks, athletic brand or intellectual property.

Student organizations may use an identifier as part of their name to help associate as a student-based group.

Identifiers may include:

  • Club
  • Society
  • Association
  • Chapter

Action C + Identifier

The Action C can be used by itself, but an identifier must be present if you want to use the club name with it.

RSO Correct Use
RSO Incorrect Use
DO NOT use without an identifier

Action C + At CMU

Use the official CMU Action C with the organization name below in Antarctican.

  • Organization name and an identifier should be included underneath the Action C.
  • If an identifier is not used, “at CMU” should be included in the title.
RSO Correct Use
RSO Incorrect Use
DO NOT use CMU before or after. Must be "at CMU"

Non-CMU Affiliated

These marks do not use any registered CMU marks of Central Michigan University. You may choose to include an identifier such as club, society, association, etc.

Non-Affiliated: Correct Use
Non-Affiliated: Incorrect Use
DO NOT use a registered CMU mark