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CMU speech-language pathology professor Janet Sturm’s First Author Writing Curriculum – the first of its kind – provides educators with a foundation from which to teach students with complex instructional needs how to write, then measure their progress.
Janet Sturm
Lorenzo Gonzales, a graduate of CMU's Doctor of Health Administration program, was the former Minister of Health for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Steven Berkshire
CMU speech-language pathology professor Janet Sturm has developed the First Author Writing Curriculum, the first-of-its-kind to provide systematic instruction and measure progress of the writing abilities of students with developmental disabilities.Janet Sturm
CMU has the first accredited sports medicine (athletic training) major in the U.S. CMU athletic training students in most years achieve a 100 percent first-time pass rate on the national certification test and secure jobs right out of college.Chair of Rehab and Medical Sciences Rene Shingles
Mobile Health Central is a customized, 39-foot motor home built to serve rural Michigan residents by providing access to high-quality health care and preventative health education through community outreach efforts.CHP Dean Tom Masterson