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CMU was among the first in the nation to create what today is our Office of Civil Rights and institutional Equity. We have fought to uphold diversity and the rights of all through this office since the 1970s.CMU Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity
WCMU Public Radio reaches three million people from central Michigan through the eastern Upper Peninsula and Canada.
CMU Public Broadcasting
CMU Public Television operates three separate channels from its main studios at Central Michigan University — its primary PBS channel, a 24/7 PBS Kids channel and the Create lifestyle channel.
CMU Public Broadcasting
CMU Public Television is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017.
CMU Public Broadcasting
CMU Public Television’s locally produced Quiz Central, now in its 12th year, awards $114,000 in room and board and textbook scholarships annually.
CMU Public Broadcasting
CMU received $80 million in state appropriations for fiscal year 2010-11. That declined to $68 million for 2011-12. CMU received $83.9 million for fiscal year 2016-17. Barrie Wilkes, Joe Garrison
CMU is one of only two Michigan universities on USA Today’s best value for the money top 100 schools. Out of 1,208 U.S. universities on the list, all other Michigan universities ranked 400th or lower.USA Today
​​​The Niijkewehn Mentoring Program at Central Michigan University is the only program in the nation in which Native American college students mentor Native American youth through a variety of cultural, educational and recreational activities.David Kinney, SASW
Break Away ranked CMU third in the nation for the number of Alternative Break trips taken and fourth in the nation for the number of participants. CMU is No. 1 in Michigan in both categories.Break Away/Volunteer Center
PR Central this year was awarded National Certification from PRSSA National. Only 30 programs in the U.S. have achieved this level.Ere Rumsey